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How Million Dolla Smile turned Hate into Greatness. Live with DJ Enjetic

Million Dolla Smile get his song I’m a Hater played by DJ Enjetic and talks about his time incarcerated.

Smiley 😁: Former G-Unit soldier spent 16 years in prison for a hitman plot on a NYPD Cop.

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Today, we sat down with The Million Dollar Smile 
😁. He takes us on a journey of what it was like growing up with a father who was addicted to heroin and living in a household with over 14 foster care brothers and sisters. Smile's childhood wasn't an easy one. He was picked on and built early on which made him take up boxing as a means to protect himself.

However, learning these skills couldn't protect him from the biggest blow he faced up until that point, which was the passing of his father. This would ultimately lead him to a path of wrongdoing. Looking for a father figure, Smiles would be understudies of nefarious individuals. This would lead him to sell crack and conduct armed robberies.

Due to his learning these boxing skills, he found himself being recruited by some powerful people in South Side Jamaica Queens. These individuals are known as Bang Em' Smurf and 50 Cent. They would compel him to be a member G-Unit street crew. After leaving the G-Unit crew, things would get even worse. He would be imprisoned for the next 16 years for hiring a hitman to kill an NYPD officer.

From the Ashes of a Troubled Past, Smiley Rises with "Million Dollar Smile

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From the Ashes of a Troubled Past, Smiley Rises with "Million Dollar Smile"
New York City, [Date] —

Overcoming adversities that would break most individuals, Smiley, formerly known for his affiliation with G-Unit, is stepping into the spotlight in a new light. Today, the world gets to see him not as a product of his turbulent past, but as an author, motivational speaker, and a beacon of hope for many.

His new book, Million Dollar Smile, is more than just a memoir. It's an inspiring manual that uncovers the hidden talent and dreams buried deep within oneself. The book offers readers a chance to reflect on their own lives, seek out their buried aspirations, and find the path to a better, more fulfilling life.

Growing up in the challenging environment of South Side Jamaica Queens, surrounded by over 14 foster siblings and a father battling heroin addiction, Smiley faced more in his youth than most do in a lifetime. Early adversities led him to the boxing ring, searching for strength and discipline. Still, life's cruel twists pulled him into the streets, leading to affiliations with influential figures like Bang Em' Smurf and 50 Cent, and culminating in a 16-year prison sentence.

But it is his resilience and determination to turn his life around that makes Smiley's journey genuinely remarkable. This former prisoner's tale is one of redemption, finding purpose, and helping others discover their worth.

In a recent sit-down interview, Smiley, now branded as The Million Dollar Smile, shared his heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey. From a tough childhood marked by bullying and the devastating loss of his father to the mistakes that cost him years behind bars, Smiley's story is a testament to the power of second chances.

The Million Dollar Smile NY brand aims not only to spotlight Smiley's transformation but also to serve as a platform for others seeking redemption and a fresh start. By showcasing the inspirational journey of Smiley, Million Dollar Smile NY offers hope to those in similar situations and proves that it's never too late to rewrite one's narrative.

For more information about Smiley, his book, and his incredible journey, visit:

Name: Andrew Spencer
Phone: 347-821-1156

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A Motivational Guide to a Successful Life. Million Dollar Smile is an auxiliary tool for your life. This book will help you understand the real you by shedding light on your hidden talents while opening corridors to your long-forgotten aspirations, thus encountering incredible enlightening eye-openers along the way. Have you ever asked yourself how can I make my life better?

Where do I start? How can I accomplish my dream goals? What is my purpose? The answers are all here. By the end of this book, you will smile—and do you know why? Because I believe in you.

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