Million Dolla Smile - I’m a Hater [Official Music Video]

“I’m a Hater” is a captivating music video that introduces Million Dolla Smile, an antihero hailing from Jamaica Queens, renowned for his ability to revive authentic hip hop. Through his clever and witty comedic satire, Million Dolla Smile takes on the role of a self-proclaimed hater, challenging conventional norms and societal expectations. The video showcases his unique brand of creativity, incorporating energetic and inventive dance moves that amplify the overall artistic experience. Prepare to be entertained as Million Dolla Smile redefines the hip hop landscape with his infectious personality, sharp lyrics, and captivating choreography.

I'm a Hater Cover Art

This is the cover art for Million Dolla Smile hit single, "I'm a Hater"

Meet Million Dolla Smile: The Urban Greek Music Pioneer and 'Goth God'

Meet Million Dolla Smile: The Urban Greek Music Pioneer and 'Goth God'
Press Kit Bio: Emerging from the hard streets of Gotham’s south side in Jamaica, Queens, Million Dolla Smile is an enigmatic force in the music scene. His top song, “I’m a Hater,” challenges societal norms and introduces a new sound called Urban Greek music.
  • Secured airplay on major radio stations, including Power 105, 104, 95.3, and 107.5 FM, as well as independent and college radio waves.
  • Fearlessly embraces the title of “The Goth God,” expressing his true self through captivating face art.
  • Made it on the Queens Rap Radar top artist platform
  • Won Harlem's Got Talent Showcase twice
The Journey: Million Dolla Smile's music is more than just melodies; it's a journey of resilience. He's faced bullies, conquered low self-esteem, and battled depression. Through it all, he's emerged as a symbol of authenticity.
Musical Bliss: His music awakens primal instincts, inducing a hypnotic state of pure bliss. Known as "The Boogeyman," he provides an escape from the world's harsh realities through his dark, energetic sound, meticulously crafted by acclaimed producers with a track record of collaborations.
What's Next: Stay tuned for Million Dolla Smile's next chapter as he continues to redefine the music landscape.
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